NoTag global internship program - Thomas Iozzia




What I did


companies who were exposed in our place have been changed to introduce 12 others brands in our exhibition. To introduce the concept of Plz don’t buy it, we had 2 opening parties.


During these parties, I had to talk to every people who came in our place, make a short presentation of our brand exposed.


For this exhibition, they create the website : I had to translate this website in english and french. Also, I wrote some article on our blog.


At the end of May, I had to help them to change the display of the new products, bringing some french ideas.

After having manage this place, Aiden ask me to found 10 gifts shops in France to try to sell our products thanks to sending email. He teach me how can I did to improve my mailing and it became more attractive.

After having considered the products and the company's mentality, Aiden give to me a buyer list with some contacts and create for me an Intern Program. Then

, he explains to me how can I get in touch with those contacts. I begin to send our brochure to my buyer list. After done this list, I had to search reseller/distributor in the whole world (mostly in Europe and USA). For these companies, I had to check their website and update the brochure to it. Everyday, I had to check my email sent during my intern period.


What I Received

téléchargement (1).jpg

Through to this mailing, I got some order from buyer (National Theatre in London who order Mori, Aux singulier who order ppo) and receive commissions, is was motivated. I got some responsibilities during this internship, like support new buyers in campaign to exhibit our products.


During this 2 months I couldn't be lost as he supported me and advise me when I get important emails.

Moreover, He taught me how to create and upload a website with a simple website.

During my sell time at the beginning, it permits to saw how the korean’s customers react and think about purchasing something.


Some advertising campaign have been created for brands which permitted to let know it who they are. It permitted to me to saw what we have to do during this kind of event

Soxsoo Event, 25th May 2015


Through to this internship in NoTag Group and to DDP, I had the luck to met many importants persons and people like Jean Charles De Castelbjac,

sit the Dior exhibition and many others who tell about design in the world and what it became a famous phenomenon.


What was the life in Korea

Despite the fact that the country is very far, either a continent and a different culture, the language is different ; This has not been a barrier to my integrity in South Korea. The Korean people are very friendly and hospitable.

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There are so many places to visit like the Han River, The Séoul N Tower,

a lot of temples and museums.


Also, Seoul is the really cool town for fun, bars and shopping everywhere !




Thank you NoTag for this amazing experience !



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