NoTag global internship program – Romain Sucra

NoTag global internship program – Romain Sucra

I am Romain Sucra, a 19 years old French student in International Trade. I had to do a two months internship abroad in order to validate my first year. At the beginning it was hard for me to find a company but I asked what my friends did the previous year and I was really interested by the internship two friends of mine, Léa and Thomas, had done in Korea at NoTag Design Group.

As I have never been to Korea before I was really attracted by this idea. So I decided to contact Aiden, as he wanted to meet me, I took part in the fair in Paris, Maison & Objet. Even if I just worked 4 days with Aiden, I directly knew I could learn a lot from him. A Skype conversation with Mimi and few months later I was in Seoul. I worked at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, in NoTag Shop. Lucky for me, another French intern, Teïva, applied for NoTag at the same time.

What I did - What I learned

The main purpose of this internship was to applicate every knowledge I learned at school but more specifically the prospection. The first day, Mimi presented Teïva and I all the products in the shop. In order to sell well and to find clients we had to know the details of each products. My first task was to find distributor for the new product of NoTag, Lightree. As NoTag regroup more than 170 designers, each one of them has different expectations considering the place their product is sold. So I had a meeting with the designer of Lightree. Lightree is already sold at the Tokyo and New York Museum of Modern Arts. Once I knew where his product was sold and where he wanted to sell, it was easy to find a lot of potential distributors. As I talked with Lightrees’ CEO, I knew he met the French representant of Pompidou Center, so I called a couples of times to arrange a partnership. My main task during those two months was to looking for new distributors and buyers from all over the world for different product. NoTag is the exclusive distributor of two Korean brands, Papero Bean and Fromhence.

The first one, Papero Bean, is an eco-friendly DYI product made of paper. Without any glue or scissors, you can make lots of kind of models like planes, animals or Eiffel Tower per example. The other one, Fromhence, is a high quality watches brand made of a swiss movement and vegetable leather from Italia.

The other main task I had to do was to write an article about NoTag and the shop at DDP. Aiden finally selected Teïvas’ article but then we had to contact magazines and blogs to promote NoTag in another country. After selecting magazines according to our wishes, I contacted several magazines and I finally had an answer from a luxury magazine from Qatar. And we got published! It was very satisfying to see our work being granted by a famous magazine as this one.


In another hand, I also managed three differents Instagram accounts, NoTag shop, Fromhence and Papero Bean. That work allow to promote us our products and brand for free and even to find new products and new customers.

During those past 8 weeks, I had to chance to learn how to run a prospection, to manage clients and find new ones. I had the opportunity to applicate all the knowledge I learned at school.

How was life in South Korea - Seoul

Even if the Korean culture is really different from France, it was really easy to integrate, meet people and visit Seoul. During those two months I lived with Teïva, with his origins, he could be take as a Korean, but for me it was really different. People came to talk to me, they get interested

Concerning the food, it was a bit complicate for me as the Korean food is really spicy but I managed to avoid and I really enjoyed the food anyway. I also noticed that Koreans like drinking, which can be really fun. As Teïva already came to Korea before, he had some friends here so we could discover the hidden place to eat and to party in Seoul.

I also had the chance to go the Ultra Music Festival in Seoul, that was an unforgettable moment and probably the only chance I will ever have to go to that kind of festival.

I thank Aiden for giving me the opportunity to learn from him and to travel to the opposite of the world. And I thank Mimi, Phil and Sangjin for having welcoming me at NoTag. I met really nice people and I hope to see them again and why not work again with them later.

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