NoTag global internship program- Teïva Ly Taham

NoTag global internship program- Teïva Ly Taham

Self – presentation

My name is Teïva Ly Taham, I worked for NoTag as an intern from May to July 2016. As a French student on my final year of a Bachelor in Business Development, at Novancia Business School in Paris, this internship was mandatory to apply all the skills I have learned.

Having studied in a different school before, I already had the chance to work in Korea two years ago. This first experience gave me the opportunity to participate Maison & Objet exhibition in Paris, before coming to Korea. At the fair, I met a NoTag executive and I since kept the contact with the company.

I was looking forward to work in NoTag for a long time, and waited for the moment where I would have the opportunity to join their internship program.

What I did-What I learned

This internship was directly linked to the Business development, which I am learning at school. I had to apply the technical skills and knowledge that I received, into concrete situations.

My job could be divided into three categories, which are sales prospecting, product research and marketing.

Sales prospecting activities included searching, contacting, and negotiating with buyers from all over the world. The searching methods used would depend on the type of product we were intending to sell. Indeed, NoTag is currently selling unique and design products, from various categories. Therefore, each of them required an appropriate sales pitch. The tools used varied from emails to phone calls.

Since I am fluent in French and English it was convenient to communicate more effectively with some buyers.

I had the opportunity to meet one of the Korean designer for one of his product we were distributing. This was nice to exchange with him to have more information for my research.

With my sales manager Mimi Choi, I had the chance to participate three exhibitions for handmade Korean products. Our mission was to identify unique products that we could sell in our shops. This activity was extended to a research on the Internet for bags that would fit Chinese consumers. Some of them are now about to be distributed soon!

Following the fast-growing development of the group, I was in charge of the marketing on Instagram. I handled different accounts, from the shop page, to goods distributed exclusively by NoTag.

Even if it looks simple, I have learned the importance of this task, as it had a direct impact on the Internet sales. On the first month, I also contacted various magazines related to the design industry, and got my article published in Qmin magazine from Qatar!

This experience was very challenging and I had a great time working in NoTag!

I want to thank all the NoTag team for their support and also for the motivating atmosphere at work. Hard work is highly encouraged in this company, and each one has the opportunity of truly bringing his contribution. I was free of taking any action or submitting any idea which could potentially foster its growth.

In my opinion, the company is doing very well thanks an effective collaborative working structure, where everyone as a role to play. In addition, the internship program was never boring or not challenging, as my activities were very different and goal-oriented. I am looking forward to keep the contact with the company, and to work with them in the future!

How was life in South Korea – Seoul

Since it was my second time in Korea, I did not experience the same cultural gap as I did before. Although there are some cultural differences compared to France, Korean people are very welcoming and helpful.

I was happy to rediscover the Korean food, which taste is amazing!

I also lived with another French intern, Romain, who was doing an internship at the same time so I never missed France or felt alone during these three months.

I had an even more profound experience with Korea than during my first time. I now consider this place as a second home, and I was more than happy to meet some of my friends again. I’ll be back!

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