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NoTag Korea Co., Ltd. is an IT-based comprehensive trading company actively constructing online commerce-based Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) and Direct-to-Business (D2B) export distribution channels in various countries through technological innovation. The D2C/D2B export distribution network by NoTag Korea eliminates the need for multiple distribution intermediaries and logistics stages with high commissions.


International consumers can now purchase Korean products at prices equivalent to those enjoyed by Korean consumers, ensuring high quality. Korean brands can seamlessly export and distribute their products through local online commerce platforms in multiple countries without incurring high costs and time associated with traditional overseas market entry.


NoTag Korea places significant investments in the development and enhancement of IT technology. Utilizing our proprietary 'NoTag Trade Management System (NTMS),' we automate and centralize the export distribution of multi-country, multi-channel, and multi-brand operations. Currently, over 150 brands in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle sectors are exported and distributed through NoTag across 59 distribution channels in 7 countries


Korean Brands and global customers strongly want to meet each other more and more.

NoTag will break down the barriers to cross border trade. 

Our Investors



Lotte Ventures Co., Ltd. is a corporate-led venture capital (CVC) of the Lotte Group, the 5th largest business in Korea. Lotte Group is successfully expanding its business beyond Korea and Japan to Vietnam and Indonesia. NOTAG KOREA has got the investment from Lotte Ventures Co., Ltd at the Pre-A stage .

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