NoTag provides global on/off-line commerce solutions to small and medium-sized Korean designers who wish to export their high quality design & idea items. NoTag is an official oversea business partner with 29CM ( & 10X10 ( in South Korea. NoTag exports all of Korean brands on 29CM and 10X10 website.



Please check brands lists on above the link for B2B Fashion (29CM) & B2B Homedeco (10x10).

Why do only 0.1% of Korean suppliers export their products between English-speaking countries to Korean through Cross Border E-commerce such as Aalibaba and Ebay?

Most local suppliers invest lots of time and money for complicated trading processes such as Language translation and Shipment.

That’s why many long-tail suppliers don't use Cross border ecommerce!

Many resellers and customers, need to overcome complications with language, currency, payment and delivery in global market. For this reason, they give up trying to use it.

But with NoTag, everything is taken care of; for both buyers and sellers!

Lets say for example, local supplier makes a consignment contract with NoTag without any fee. NoTagKorea starts to translate product information, change currency and upload items to each country's local e-commerce site.Global resellers and customers have easy access to our localized e-commerce. Once orders are placed, NoTagKorea manages the processing of trading shipment and customer service, relieving Local suppliers of any extra work. NoTag simplifies trade of global products between Local long-tail Suppliers and global customers.

NoTag can expend global networks with faster and easier. We only need promotion people each countries.NoTag do not ask any fee from suppliers, we make our profit from consignment based selling. We connect sellers and buyers directly with fast and easy service. We serve as a localized E-commerce for our customers in each country.Most different thing with other competitors, NoTag will do direct sales promotion to our global resellers through our data base.

To conclude- local suppliers and global customers strongly want to meet each other more and more! NoTag will break down the barriers to cross border e-commerce trade!